Absolue de jasmin pure  5ml

1005 - Jasmine - absolute - 5ml

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Absolute Jasmin gradiforum 100% natural and pure - Origin India


Absolue Jasmin gradiforum 100 % natural and pure - Origin India

Jasmine in Persian means "the gift of God"

There are 2 species of climbing jasmine grown commercially for their essential oils. Jasmin grandiflorm and J.samba originated in India and Iran but were introduced to Spain and the rest of the world by the Moors. 


Benzyl acetate, benzyl benzoate, geranyl linalol, jasmone, methyl entranilale, indole, phytol- A .

Jasmine has always been cultivated for its enchanting fragrance and for the beauty of its white flowers.

The extraodinically erotic action of jasmine was already known to Indians and Arabs, They had found that jasmine had the power to suppress anxieties, improved mood and restored self-confidence.

Jasmine is part of the most famous fragrances.

Its action on the body: antispasmodic, skin regenerating.

Its action on the psyche: Calming effect, suppresses the feeling of fear, gives self-confidence and gives lightness.

Fragrance sweet, enticing, sweet, erotic, slightly fruity.

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