The artisanal soap factory Passions d'O manufactures and sells in its workshop in Mariembourg (Belgium) artisanal soap since 2007. We handcraft 100% natural, 100% vegetable soap, free of dyes, preservatives, surfactants (foam), no unnecessary ingredients. Our soaps are made by the cold method. this method is the one which preserves the most nutrients. 
Cold saponification naturally produces glycerin (+/- 25%) and we add an additional 5% of unsaponified oil. Our soaps are made with several different oils, all organic, to provide softness, hydration, well-being and foam.This webshop and our store offers several solid shampoos, fragrance-free soaps, scented soaps, shaving soap, liquid soap ... and many other ecological products for the person and for the maintenance of the house.