JOJOBA  huile bio
JOJOBA organic oil
JOJOBA  huile bio

JOJOBA organic oil

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Jojoba organic 100 ml, 200 ml - 100 ml container with spray.


Organic jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis)

Coming from America, it was used by the Indians for skin care, hair as well as to relieve wounds and burns.

Jojoba oil is rather a liquid wax with 97% waxy esters, it is the one that is closest to human sebum. Very stable, it does not rancid (it is resistant to oxidation and heat). It regulates excess sebum, so it is very interesting for all skin types, even for combination and oily skin.

Properties: Emollient: it penetrates very well into the skin and regenerates it.

Balance: Probably because of its relationship with sebum, its use on the skin regulates its production.Protective: It creates a non-greasy film that preserves the skin’s natural hydration against various aggressions.  Anti UV qualities: protection 5 but insufficient to a prolonged activated under the sun.

This oil is very suitable for the problems of dry skin of young and also of toddlers; an oil without odor, very fine that penetrates very quickly into the epidermis.

Can be applied alone in the morning and evening as a night cream.

It calms the irritations of dry or psoriatic skin.

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