Argile Ghassoul  Maroc en poudre
Argile Ghassoul  Maroc en poudre
Argile Ghassoul  Maroc en poudre
Argile Ghassoul  Maroc en poudre
Argile Ghassoul  Maroc en poudre
Argile Ghassoul  Maroc en poudre

Powdered Morocco Ghassoul clay

VAT included

Ghassoul, originating from the Moroccan Atlas has washing, regenerating, descaling and softening properties.

Argile ghassoul


Moroccan ghassoul clay

2 packages are available: 200 g and 600 g

Ghassoul is a clay of the Montmorillonite family that contains mainly

magnesium silicate, potassium, sodium and trace elements.

Ghassoul is a clay of Moroccan origin that is extracted from the mountains of the Atlas. In the Middle Ages, it was traded throughout the East. Ghassoul is ancestrally used as a hair and body care by Moroccan women. The name of this clay

would mean "who washes".

Ghassoul is a clay soil that contains a large amount of natural foaming saponins (thanks to a strong ability to exchange ions). The ghassoul emulsifies naturally with water, it absorbs impurities and fats without attacking the protective lipid film of the skin or the protective sheath of the hair. Known for centuries for its properties

cleansing and purifying, this clay absorbs the sebum (without irritating the sebaceous glands), cleans the hair gently and without detergent effect. The hair recovers shine and tone, with even a little more volume. On the skin, the ghassoul cleanses impurities and eliminates blackheads. It is also very suitable for sensitive or fragile skin.

Make a paste with water, you can add a little floral water (ex.: hydrolat of rose) or a spoon of oil (ex. argan) then apply it in mask on the hair and scalp. Leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes (even better for an hour) then simply rinse.( Do not shampoo afterwards) 

 To perform a personalized treatment, add a few drops of essential oils to the mixture.

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