Lenstique pistachier 10ml BIO Pistacia lentiscus

1206 - Lenstique pistachio - BIO - 5 ml. - Pistacia lentiscus.

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Lenstique pistachio - BIO - 5 ml. - Pistacia lantiscus.

100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oil


Distilled part: Branch


Pistachio Sweet Ground Essential Oil - Pistacia lentiscus 5 ml is of wild origin.

Penetrating balsamic smell.

100 kg of lensticus provides 15 to 25 ml of essential oil, The lensticus tree is an evergreen shrub growing in the scrubland and the Mediterranean scrub and in a light soil near the beaches, when the bark of lensticus is incised, the leaking resin is called mastic.


It is an incomparable venous, lymphatic and prostatic decongestant.

Disinnfiltrant it is indicated in the disorders that swell Phlebonics, it promotes the circulation from the bottom to the top. called "back" Antispasmodic it decreases the involuntary contractions of muscles and digestions,

Cardiovascular disorders, rheumatic endocarditis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, thrombophlebitis

It nourishes the scalp and prevents the appearance of pelicans, it gives tone and volume to the hair.

Helps slow hair whitening.

Always dilute it to at least 50% in oil by the skin only, as the terpenes that make it can be irritating.



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