Soap REVEIL Warm Breeze

VAT included

Soap "REVEIL" perfume with sweet orange, vetiver and black pepper.


Soap "REVEIL " is enriched with Argan,  is without coloring and without preserving, it's 100% natural and vegetable, all oils are organic.

This soap is perfume with sweet orange, vetiver and black pepper.

Quality of this essential oils:

Sweet orange:

It 's an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory. Action on the psyche: invigorating, relaxing, soothes anxiety. it awakens the senses.


It's a good circulatory tonic, it stimulates the immune defenses, rebalancing. Nicknamed the oil of tranquility, it calms and soothes. Maternal and protective fragrance.

Black pepper

It is the ally of athletes, it relaxes muscles, relieves pain and stimulates blood circulation It has tonic properties in case of blues or low libido

All of its essential oils give a soap with a warm oriental perfume... It's give a woody, earthy and spicy note.