Soap REVEIL Dreams of the Orient

VAT included

Soap "REVEIL" perfume with patchouli, Himalayan cedar and star anise, natural and chemotyped essential oils.


Soap REVEIL " is enriched with Argan oil. It's made without coloring and without preserving. It's  100% natural and vegetable, all oils are organic.

This soap is perfume with patchouli, Himalayan cedar and star anise.

Quality of this essential oils:


It's calming and regenerative properties, it acts on skin problems, it stimulates blood circulation and fights against cellulite.

Is fragrance has relaxing and anti-stress, tonic and aphrodisiac effects.

Himalayan cedar:

It's a barrier to skin parasites, it's also an anti-cellulite treatment.

Its warm and comforting fragrance fights anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

Star anise:

It's assets: Antibacterial, warming action, it relieves rheumatism and limbago.

All of this essential oils give a soap with a warm and sweet and spicy scents of oriental perfumes.

Passions d'O soaps are not made with bristles but with quality oils and NAOH.