• Savon à l'huile d'argan sans parfum

REVEIL Soap with argan oil - Fragrance Free

VAT included

"Réveil" soap, saponified with the cold method , all oils are organic.

Savon artisanal

Handmade soap. Made by the cold method.

This soap with Argan oil is recognized for its moisturizing properties, active against dryness and aging of the skin.

It is a sovereign anti-aging treatment: Argan oil contains vitamin E, linoleic and oleic acids (Omega 6 and 9), it is a useful oil as a general conditioner.

It's particularly effective in extreme climatic conditions.

Composition before saponification: water, NaOH, organic coconut, organic sunflower, organic palm, enriched with organic argan oil. 

All the soaps are made without coloring and without preservative