Savon spécial sol   terrasses et margelles

Special soap for terraces and coping

VAT included

Multi-purpose biodegradable soap, special for exterior and interior floors, tiles, terraces, coping, etc.

2.5 kg - 6 kg bucket


Multi-purpose soap in highly concentrated paste, handcrafted 100% vegetable, 100% natural, without coloring, without preserving and biodegradable. Manufacturing in Mariembourg.

The beautiful days are fast approaching, and before leaving the garden furniture, The cleaning of the terraces is essential.

klinkers and cobblestones:

Rub with a broom brush with hot water and soap

If foam: a tablespoon of soda crystals per liter of hot water

Natural stone

Do not clean a natural stone patio when it is hot.

If the terrace is very dirty, hot water + soda crystals (1 tablespoon of crystals per liter)

Scrub with a brush and then rinse well.

Brush cleaning with soapy water

Oil stain: sprinkle with baking soda,

Rust stain: methylated spirits

Wine stains, ink, pencil: disinfectant alcohol

Reconstituted stone: Terraces and copings

Scrub a dozen slabs with soapy water with a broom and sprinkle with baking soda to vigorously repot them. Go to the next 12 tiles and do the same work. Go back to the first 12 tiles that you are going to rinse properly, and so on until the end. Rinse before soap with bica dries

No aggressive solvent or hydrochloric acid even diluted

Wooden terraces

Cleaning with soapy water with a brush 2X per year

To avoid the thrill of the wood, oil it with linseed oil.


Your degreased tomettes, scrub with a brush with soapy water without rinsing. The soap will leave a protective film.

General advice

All natural stones, reconstituted, klinkers, different types of wood require not to use a karcher and bleach and acid.

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