Cristaux de soude 2 kg

Soda crystals 2 kg

VAT included

Soda crystals - soda ash - sodium carbonate Solid sodium carbonate Na²co².10H²O

Cleaner, degreaser, stain remover



Soda crystals or Soda ash. 2 kg -

Additional shipping cost per bag of 0.50 €

The soda crystals are used for cleaning glassware, refrigerator, dishes, logs, soaking laundry.

Dosage: dishes: 50 to 100g per liter - dirty laundry: 20g per liter

Soda crystals are more corrosive than baking soda but are not toxic to the environment.

Dishwasher: Replace the salt in your dishwasher with soda and the rinse aid with white vinegar, use the simplest soap bars. In addition to the

gain that you make in terms of money, you will come out of your dishwasher sparkling glasses and in addition nature will say a big thank you.

In the new dishwashers, to reduce consumption, the water that comes in is colder, so here, when we put the soda, add a little hot water to dissolve them more easily

Washing machine: Put a handful of soda crystals for each detergent in the detergent drawer, the soda crystals, soften the water, deodorize and degrease, you will use

less soap.

Soaking dirty laundry: Soak your dirty laundry overnight in a bucket of water with a glass of soda, rinse, wring and then do normal laundry.

Uncap small pipes: pour a handful of soda crystals on the strainer of sinks, sinks, showers ... pour a little hot water, after half an hour, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Product to keep dry.

Warning, irritating to the skin and toxic if swallowed and inhaled

Do not use in aluminum containers.




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