Romarin à verbénone bio - 5 ml ( Romarinus officinalis ct verbenone)

1804 - Rosemary with organic verbenone - 5 ml (Romarinus officinalis ct verbenone)

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Rosemary verbenone Bio - Chemotyped and natural essential oil - Rosarinus officinalis ct verbenone.


The essential oil of rosemary verbenone .

 Properties:  anticatarrhale, mucolytic, scarring and skin regenerating, nerve and cardiac regulator, hepatocytic regeneration and hepatotobilieux drainer, important endocrine regulator, lipolytic. Aromatic molecules:Verbenone, bornyl acetate

Distilled part: flowery top

Rosemary is a vigorous perennial plant with grey-green, needle-shaped leaves that bears whitish to blue flowers and enjoys the marine climate. Geographical origin strongly determines its biochemical composition. Tr

Traditionally renowned for its properties:

• anticatarrhale, mucolytic • scarring and skin regenerating • nerve and heart regulator • hepatocytic regenerator and hepatobilitic drainer • important endocrine regulator • lipolytic.                       
Special precautions:
No prolonged use without the advice of an aromatherapist. • Keep out of reach of young children • This product is not a substitute for a balanced diet • Do not exceed the recommended dose • Unless advised by the doctor or pharmacist, do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and in children under 3 years old • Keep away from heat and light.
Advice from the professional:

Oral: 2 drops under the tongue on an empty stomach in the morning in honey, olive oil or on cane sugar.

Cutaneous route: 3 drops H.E.C.T. + 2 drops H.V. hazelnut on the solar plexus or the inner side of the wrists or the arch of the foot (to be renewed if necessary).

Verbenone rosemary provides a remarkable essential oil to purify the body.  To do in March and September, a treatment of a cure of 3 weeks at the rate of 2 drops on 1/4 piece of cane sugar to suck every morning.

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