Immortelle Bio - Helichrysum Italicum Bio 5ml

0801 - Hélichryse italienne (Immortelle) - BIO - 5 ml. - Helichrysum Italicum.

31,35 €

Immortelle - BIO - 5 ml. - Helychrysum italicum.

100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oil.

Origin: ITALY

Distilled part: Flower


The essential oil of immortelle is a typically Mediterranean plant, helichrysum grows all around the Mediterranean, but only the south of France and Corsica offer interesting plants.

Aromatic molecules: Neryl acetate, italidione

Distilled part: flowering top

Immortelle provides an exceptional, superb, rare, precious essential oil ... To try it is to adopt it, as its effectiveness is rapid and surprising. It is proof of the remarkable action of aromatherapy for skeptics (and there are !!).

It is the natural and plant product that has the most potent antihematoma activity. Indispensable in the family kit because it works wonders, the investment is worth it even if the price is high.

 it treats bruises, shocks, circulation disorders.

Exceptional antihematoma, the most powerful currently known. Skin healing, it fights against tissue sclerola. Arthritis and polyarthritis.

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